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Record of past media coverage

My painting represents 

the "uncommon world"

Which is divorced from everyday.    

It's being expressed by a classical painting(oil painting tempera) technique.

I am a painter until my death. If there is an art and humor, life is the best!】


Art cooperation : Japan Broadcasting Corporation

          Asahi National Broadcasting

Favorite (Original home) 

TOUMA&Amahina&villa TAKAOSAN


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2004  Machiavelli/Firenze nell'arte-Fresco course , Itally
2000  Hayami Art Institute-Oil Tempera Studio , Kanagawa
1997  Assistant,Asagaya specialist school ,Tokyo
1996  Asagaya Art Institute-Reserch Couse ,Tokyo
1995  Asagaya Art Institute-Fine Art Couse ,Tokyo


2017  Award,34th Fukui Samhall Competition

2009  Award,18th Fukui Samhall Competition
2005  Select, 23th Art Competistion of Tama Art Prize, 6th
          Handmade-clock Photo Contes
          Select,Yume Biennale
2002  Exellent Prize,19th Fukui Samhall Competition
          Select,Tama de Art 2001

2000  Select,36th Kamakura Bijyutu Competition
1999  Award,7th Kuroneko Art Competition
1998  Exellent Prize,15th Fukui Samhall Competition
1997  Select, 13th Tama Sougou Bijyutu Competition
1995  Select,24th Genndai Youga Sennei Senntaku 

          Select,Kokuminn Bunnkasai Totigi‘95
          Select, 11th Tama Sougou Bijyutu Competition
          Silver Prize, 10th Zenkoku Nitiyou Gaka Contest
          Prinsipal Prize, Asagaya Art Institute

Solo Exhibition


2018     Botanicalitem&cafe CYAN, Miyagi

2017     TOUMAI, Tokyo

2016     Botanicalitem&cafe CYAN, Miyagi

2015     Musse Maenaka, Miyagi

2010     Gallery Miyasaka,Tokyo
2008     Riasark museum, Miyagi
             TOUMAI, Tokyo
2007     Bansui Gallery, Miyagi
2006     Gallery Miyasaka,Tokyo
2005     Horridura,Kagawa

             Iwao Free Space,Tokyo
2004     Gallery Miyasaka,Tokyo
2001     Gallery Miyasaka,Tokyo

             Career business short Gallery,Tokyo
2000     Gallery Miyasaka,Tokyo


Group Exhibition


2020     Gallery Abekeisirou, Miyagi

2019     Gallery Miyasaka,Tokyo

             Mitsukosi Ltd, Miyagi


2018     Botanicalitem&cafe CYAN, Miyagi

2017     Chigasaki City Museum , Kanagawa

2016   Mitsukosi Ltd, Miyagi

2014     TOUMAI, Tokyo

2012     Fujisaki department store, Miyagi

             Sendai-Mediatheque, Miyagi

2011     Gallery Miyasaka,Tokyo

             Matsuyama Teien Museum , Chiba

             Bansui Gallery, Miyagi

2010     Sendai-Mediatheque , Miyagi
             Gallery-J, Miyagi
             Acteduce , Miyagi
             Bansui Gallery, Miyagi
2009     Bansui Gallery, Miyagi
             Gallery-J, Miyagi
             Aoba Art Gallery, Miyagi
2008     Aoba Art Gallery,Miyagi

2007     Aoki Gallery,Tokyo
             Bansui Gallery, Miyagi
             Oto Gallery,Osaka
             Gallery Tougendou, Miyagi

             Sendai-Mediatheque, Miyagi

 2006     Aoki Gallery,Tokyo

2005     Aoki Gallery,Tokyo 

2004     Aoki Gallery,Tokyo
             Yokyo Art Hall,Tokyo
2003     Aoki Gallery,Tokyo
2002     Art Spece Mirage
2002     Yokyo Art Hall
             Gallery Nike,Tokyo
2001     Yokyo Art Hall
             Hayami Entrance Gallary,Kamakura
2000     Gallery Nike,Tokyo
1999     Soko Gallary
             Gallary 80
1997     Dabanrabu Gallary
             Gekkousou Gasitu2
1995     Mitaka City Art Gallery,Tokyo





Art cooperation


Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Asahi National Broadcasting